Environmental Planner in the Philippines

Focus and career highlights.

I am a licensed Environmental Planner with experience in the conduct of local urban development projects in the Philippines.

Focus Areas

  • Filipino urban and environmental planning
  • Solid waste management
  • Technical writing

Career Highlights

Licensed Environmental Planner

Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the Municipality of Tiwi, Province of Albay, Philippines

As part of a team of eight consultants, I assisted the Municipality of Tiwi in completing their Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Local Development Investment Plan within four months.

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Ecological Profile of the Municipality of Bacacay, Province of Albay

As one of two field supervisors, I guided a team of 18 undergraduate students on technical and administrative decisions in updating the local Ecological Profile.

The Municipality of Bacacay currently uses the Ecological Profile in their own development planning processes.

A Solid Waste Management Study of the University of the Philippines Diliman

As one of two field supervisors, I guided a team of 15 undergraduate students on technical and administrative decisions. The outputs were submitted to the University Chancellor.

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Writing support for local government plans

As a freelance environmental planner, I helped fellow environmental planners complete deliverables.

  • Metro Cagayan de Oro Infrastructure Plan
  • Strategic Framework of Leyte Economic Industrial Zone
  • Ancestral Domain Chapter for the CLUP of Porac

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Professional experience in development projects for climate change, transportation, and local governance

I have also been involved in different development and environmental companies where I handled projects including:

International Paper on Solid Waste Management

With two co-authors, I led the publication of an international journal paper on solid waste management.

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Assistant Professor of Geography at University of the Philippines Diliman (2017-2019)

I was awarded a 2018 Public Service Writing Fellowship.

I also handled courses on movement, land use, and general geographical education.

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Read the international journal paper on solid waste management that I published in 2019.

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