Ecological Profile of the Municipality of Bacacay (2018)

Enptinio in Bacacay
Mayon, Malinao and Masaraga from a boat


As one of two field supervisors, I guided a team of 18 undergraduate students on technical and administrative decisions in updating the local Ecological Profile.

The Municipality of Bacacay currently uses the Ecological Profile in their own development planning processes.

Here are my past projects in local government planning…


Municipal Government of Bacacay


Co-Field Supervisor of 18 undergraduate students (as Assistant Professor of UP Diliman)

Main Challenges

  • Bacacay consists of 56 barangays, distributed in 2 major islands and a small island. Some islands were accessible only through their coasts and by boat. We only had 20 days of fieldwork.
  • Power interruptions were frequent. Our exit presentation almost got cancelled because of power loss.

What was unique about the experience?

  • I learned that people would exceed your expectations when you let them lead. Our Student Team Leader was excellent in ensuring the timeliness and quality of our outputs.

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