Ensure UPDATED local government plans!

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good and great environmental planners
Good environmental planners organize spaces. Great environmental planners develop places.

Does your planning team need an environmental or urban planner who specializes in spatial analysis and solid waste management?

Does your local government unit need to update your Comprehensive Land Use Plan?

Let me help you!

Technical assistance for local governments in planning processes

  • Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP)
  • Climate Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA)
  • Ten-Year Solid Waste Management Plans
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Ecological Profiles

Selected Projects

  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the Municipality of Tiwi
  • Ecological Profile of the Municipality of Bacacay
  • Roadmap for Air Quality Communication of Baguio City
  • Solid waste management study of Malolos City

I have been a Licensed Environmental Planner since 2018!

As a geographer, environmental scientist and environmental planner, I can help you in local government planning.

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