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Technical Assistance in Environmental and Urban Planning

Let’s ensure that your local government has updated planning documents!

  • Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP)
  • Climate Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA)
  • Ten-Year Solid Waste Management Plans
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Ecological Profiles

My experience in technical assistance for local governments…

Technical writing support

Are you overwhelmed with project deliverables?

Let me lighten your load!

I have worked with various individuals and organizations on technical writing, proofreading and editing.

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Speaking Engagements

Do you need an expert speaker?

Learn urban planning, environmental science and geography!

I was Assistant Professor of Geography in the University of the Philippines Diliman.

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Research Coach

Do you need help in completing your research papers?

Love your research by completing it well!

I am lead author of an international paper on solid waste management.

Review Coach

Are you taking the Environmental Planning Board Exam?

I passed the 2018 Environmental Planning Board Exam by self-review.

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