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Technical Assistance in Environmental and Urban Planning

good and great environmental planners
Good environmental planners organize spaces. Great environmental planners develop places.

Let’s ensure that your local government has updated planning documents!

Does your planning team need an environmental or urban planner who specializes in spatial analysis and solid waste management?

Is your local government unit scrambling to update your Comprehensive Land Use Plan?

I have been a Licensed Environmental Planner since 2018!

Selected Projects

Complete list of projects: LinkedIn Profile of EnP Marion Micah Tinio.

I was the Environmental Sector Planner for the updating of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the Municipality of Tiwi. We completed it in four months.

As a geographer, environmental scientist and environmental planner, I can help you in local government planning.

Interested in solid waste management planning?

Speaking Engagements

Do you need a speaker for lectures about environmental science, environmental planning and geography?

I was Assistant Professor of Geography in the University of the Philippines Diliman for two academic years.

Sample Presentations

Research Coaching

Do you need help in completing your research papers?

I am lead author of an international paper on solid waste management.

I have also handled research methods and field methods courses for more than 50 students.

Review Coaching

Have any questions about passing the Environmental Planning Board Exam?

I passed the 2018 Environmental Planning Board Exam by self-review.

Become a Filipino Environmental Planner!

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