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Scope of Practice of the Filipino Environmental Planner

What can Filipino environmental planners do?

What can Filipino environmental planners do?

Filipino environmental planners ensure the sustainable use of environmental resources, especially land.

The practice of environmental planning in the Philippines is covered by Section 5 of Republic Act 10587.

Environmental planners deal with a wide array of sectors. The environmental planner is the mediator for the compromises among stakeholders.

Generally speaking, Filipino environmental planners work in government, in private firms, or as freelance consultants. 

Here are my past projects in local government planning…

Positions in Government with Environmental Planning Functions

Planning-related positions in the local government are mandated by Republic Act 10587 to be filled only by environmental planners.

A primary example is the Local Planning and Development Officer, the qualifications of whom are prescribed in CSC MC no. 10, s. 2017.

The LPDO is often accountable in leading the planning processes of the local government unit.

Environmental planners in private practice

In private practice, environmental planners are often involved in ensuring the compliance of companies and projects with environmental laws.

Environmental impact assessments are required for obtaining regulatory permits from government agencies and local government units.

Environmental planners also create online platforms to initiate crowdsourcing projects for marginalized sectors and less prioritized issues. An example is the Mental Health AWhereness platform.

How to become a Filipino Environmental Planner?

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