Increasing Urban Planning Knowledge

How Filipino Environmental Planners Can Increase Urban Planning Knowledge (Updated 2021!)

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Opinions of Filipino Environmental and Urban Planners

The wide array of tragic issues in Philippine urban areas has put a spotlight on the lack of proper implementation of existing urban plans.

In response, many urban planners are contributing to resolving urban issues in the Philippines.

Here’s my personal Hall of Fame of Filipino Environmental Planners!

Websites and Social Media Channels of Urban Planning Organizations


I have previously listed Citylab in my “5 Websites to Follow on Feedly,” and the site’s impact on my planning knowledge makes it worth the mention again.

Citylab articles cover five major areas: design, transportation, environment, equity, and life.

I have used Citylab articles in my lectures and research, particularly about the impact of centuries of urbanization, the quest for equity in sanitation, and cognitive mapping.

Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners (PIEP)

The Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners (PIEP) is the “accredited professional organization for the environmental planners…in the Philippines.”

Following the PIEP Facebook Page will inform about the various activities undertaken by environmental planners.

“Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even should they rarely stick to their plan.”

Winston Churchill


UP Plano is an “academic organization for graduate students based in the School of Urban and Regional Planning.”

One of the strengths of the UP Plano Facebook Page is that it posts knowledge links frequently.

Watch Urban Planning Videos on Youtube

Youtube is a gold mine for environmental planners because of the wide array of subjects available for viewing.

Here’s my list of top urban planning Youtube videos!

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Online Resources and Platforms for Filipino Environmental Planners

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Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)

The DILG website is an essential knowledge hub for Filipino environmental planners.

Urban planning (and consequently comprehensive land use planning) is both a technical and a political exercise.

Filipino environmental planners must also be knowledgeable about local government and national government dynamics.

One of the three Planning Bibles: the “Rationalizing the Local Planning System” Sourcebook

DILG resources cover topics including:

Increasing knowledge equips the Filipino environmental planner towards systems thinking of the urban environment.

Climate Change Commission

The integration of climate change into land use planning is mandated by the Climate Change Act of 2009.

As the primary agency responsible for “ensuring…climate-resilient and climate-smart Phlippines,” the Climate Change Commission hosts a hub of knowledge products, covering topics on greenhouse gas emission inventory, climate budgeting, and climate risk assessment.

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Connect with your local government unit

 I believe that Filipino environmental planners must be aware of our local community concerns before engaging in consultancy projects in remote areas. 

Following the page of your province, city, municipality, or barangay is a start towards becoming an involved local citizen.

Being an involved local citizen is training for becoming a good Filipino environmental planner, making plans that fit existing circumstances.

“Do not try to make circumstances fit your plans. Make plans that fit the circumstances.”

~ George S. Patton

As a resident of Quezon City, I follow the Facebook Page of Quezon City Government.

While working in Albay for the Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Tiwi, I also started following the Facebook Page of Legazpi City.


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How to become a Filipino Environmental Planner?

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