Urban Solid Waste Management

Urban Solid Waste Management in the Philippines: 3 Truths that Every Filipino should Know

3 truths about solid waste management

How can Filipinos make sense of urban solid waste management?

Continue reading for 3 truths about solid waste management, based on my waste management research in Malolos City.

Interested in solid waste management planning?

Synergy of variables in the urban solid waste management system

The paper demonstrates how variables work together in the urban solid waste management (USWM) system.

These variables include population, city income, public participation, composting and recycling, and greenhouse gas emissions.

System dynamics modelling is the method used for the study.

Conceptual framework
Conceptual framework (Tinio et al., 2019)

Using a systems approach to solid waste management, many elements are interconnected. For example, reducing waste volumes.

By decreasing the amount of waste to be collected by trucks, routing and trips may be modified to decrease fuel costs.

In summary, with reduced volumes of waste to be disposed, collected, emissions of greenhouse gases can also be reduced.

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Focusing investment in waste facilities can limit the benefits of proper waste management

Why participate in good waste management practices?

Because waste facilities are limited by their mechanical capacities.

Capital investment and operational costs must grow to increase capacities to process waste.

As waste generators, when we participate through good waste management, we divert waste from being brought into waste facilities.

These practices include segregation, household composting, and recycling.

As waste are diverted from facilities, the benefits of waste management are reinforced without increasing capital investment.

The participation of waste generators can increase government savings in waste management

We found that composting and recycling with participation of waste generators reduces the volume of waste disposed, collected, and generated.

This combination also increases savings in waste management budget.

We identified three primary impacts when waste generators participate in waste management.

  • reduced waste generation
  • improved collection efficiency of waste collectors
  • opening the market for recovered waste

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