Urban Solid Waste Management

Status of Solid Waste Management in the Philippines versus RA9003 (2022 update!)

How well is the Philippines doing in solid waste management?

How well is the Philippines doing in solid waste management?

I compare the latest statistics available online on solid waste management in the Philippines with key performance indicators from the Philippine Solid Waste Management Law (RA 9003).

Key references


  • Target: 100% (Article 2, RA 9003)
  • Latest statistic: 53-100% (NSWMC 2020)

RA 9003 requires that solid waste is segregated at the source – separated at the point of origin.

LGUs served by sanitary landfills

  • Target: 100% (Section 44, RA 9003)
  • Latest statistic: 22% (NSWMC 2020)

RA 9003 designates sanitary landfills as final disposal sites alternative to open dump sites.

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Waste diversion rate

Goals for waste diversion are mandated to be increased every 3 years. Waste diversion refer to activities to reduce or eliminate waste that reaches disposal facilities.

Barangays served by Material Recovery Facilities (MRF)

  • Target: 100% (Section 32, RA 9003)
  • Latest statistic: 32% (NSWMC 2020)

Materials Recovery Facilities can be established to serve a cluster of barangays.

Local SWM Boards/Committees Active

  • Target: 100% (Sections 11 and 12, RA 9003)
  • Latest statistic: 68% for Provinces, 39% for Cities and Municipalities, 43% for Barangays (2010 data cited in NSWMC 2020)

Solid Waste Management Boards are composed of members of the local government unit, youth, industry sector, and non-government sector.

10-year Solid Waste Management Plans

Solid waste management plans are generally approved by the National Solid Waste Management Commission, except for LGUs with special provision from other laws (e.g., Province of Palawan pursuant to RA 7611)

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Year of closure of illegal dumpsites

With closure of open dumpsites, LGUs are instructed to establish residual containment areas if access to a sanitary landfill is unavailable.

List of Requirements for the Environmental Planning Licensure Exam