Plan Smart for Rehabilitation and Recovery

Plan Smart was launched on September 2022
Plan Smart was launched on September 2022


I created a pro-forma rehabilitation and recovery plan that was used as basis for Plan Smart, the automated rehabilitation and recovery planning application.

The pro-forma plan was based on the Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery Planning Guide.

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DOST-PHIVOLCS, Supported by the World Bank


Environmental Planner Consultant

Main Challenges

  • As disaster rehabilitation and recovery is a shared responsibility among many national agencies, I had to generalize and prioritize the details I proposed to include in the pro-forma plan.

What was unique about the experience?

  • Being the only Filipino Environmental Planner in the Team, my perspectives about local government capacity in land use planning were critical.
  • Working with developers and GIS specialists gave me a peek into the backend process of app development.

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