12-step CLUP Process Comprehensive Land Use Plan

CLUP Process Step 1: Organize

CLUP Step 1 helps set the expectations in terms of funds, personnel, data, and support.

The first step in planning land use is to organize a planning team.

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan process in the Philippines is composed of 12 steps.

Step 1 is to ORGANIZE.

The 12-step CLUP process (HLURB 2014)

Why is the step important?

Every activity needs people and resources. Step 1 helps set the expectations in terms of funds, personnel, data, and support.

What is the step about?

Assembling personnel, resources and support needed for the planning process.

The expected outputs include:

  • Proposal for CLUP preparation and updating
  • Sanggunian resolution approving the proposal for CLUP preparation
  • Executive Order designating members of the Planning Core Team, technical working groups (TWGs)
  • Defined roles and responsibilities of the Planning Team and TWGs
  • IEC for community awareness and participation
  • Inventory of available data and information

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How does it look like in my Tiwi experience?

  • As we were engaged as consultants, we were brought into the existing planning team. We directly talked with the Mayor and the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator throughout the CLUP updating process.
  • The Mayor even went to UP Diliman to meet with us to start the CLUP process.
  • The available information that was accessible to us was the Ecological Profile completed by our Department’s students the previous year. With this, we were able to analyze and plan land use interventions effectively.
  • Working as consultant-academics and with the project as an extension project,  the LGU was responsible for most of the orientation and IEC activities.

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Top suggestions for LGU planners for this CLUP step

  • The Mayor is the driving force for the land use planning process.
  • Ensure the participation of all local offices in the CLUP process.
  • Recognize that political biases will affect the CLUP process, and that the planning process is both technical and political.

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