12-step CLUP Process

CLUP Process Step 10: Review, Adopt, Approve the CLUP and Zoning Ordinance

The goal of Step 10 is to review, adopt and approve the draft CLUP and Zoning Ordinance.

To ensure that plans are aligned, the review and approval process is completed.

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan process in the Philippines is composed of 12 steps.


The 12-step CLUP process (HLURB 2014)

Why is the step important?

With the review and approval process, comprehensive land use plans are ensured to have technical, ideological and political soundness.

What is the step about?

The goal of Step 10 is to review, adopt and approve the draft CLUP and Zoning Ordinance.

DHSUD MC 2021-005 updates the activities in CLUP Process Step 10 previously prescribed in the HLURB CLUP Guidebooks.

Some revisions and enhancements to CLUP Step 10 are:

  • CLUP and ZO submitted first to DHSUD Regional Offices, then to PLUC or RLUC
  • Prescribed time periods per review activity
  • Added requirement: Submission of soft copies of draft, maps, and vector GIS files of CLUP and ZO
  • Additional PLUC Members: DA Regional Office, Provincial DRRM, OCD
  • Approved Forest Land Use Plan not pre-requisite for CLUP approval

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How does it look like in my Tiwi experience?

  • As consultants, we were not involved in the review and approval process.

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LGUs! Here are 3 benefits of publishing plans online

  • It establishes trust and transparency.
  • It attracts private investments.
  • It engages citizen participation.

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