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Exam Review: 12 Apps for a Successful Self Review

Need help to make your self-review successful? There are apps for that!

Need help to make your self-review successful? There are apps for that!

Use your phone as an asset instead of a distraction by installing these helpful apps.

Most of these are FREE! Who does not want that?

Pocket logo


  • FREE bookmarking app!
  • Downloads online articles into “easy-to-read” offline articles.
  • Pocket helps the self-reviewer manage online sources in one place.
  • Being available offline, you can read the articles you want with less distractions.

WPS office logo

WPS Office

  • A freemium mobile application suite that has equivalents of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and PDF Reader.
  • It is a free alternative for the low-budget self-reviewer.
Evernote logo


  • With its powerful search and tagging system, Evernote helps the self-reviewer find materials quickly!
  • Free users have a 60MB monthly limit. With just text notes, the free storage is more than enough.
  • You can also use an Evernote – Google Drive integration to link PDFs with notes.

Mind meister

  • Mind mapping helps you inventory your learnings.
  • In the free plan, you can make 3 mind maps.
  • Affordable paid plans.

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Appblock logo


  • Appblock helps the self-reviewer who lacks self-control.
  • You can block apps based on time schedules, length of use or number of opens.
Google Drive logo

Google Drive

  • Google Drive is a staple for the storage needs of successful self-reviewers.
  • You can even make files available offline!
  • Use Google Docs to collaborate with reviewers enrolled in review courses.

keep logo

Google Keep

  • Google Keep is a personal note-taker for the successful self-reviewer.
  • Its simple tagging system can give you the basic organization by subject area or by reference.
  • You can also use the text-to-speech widget to record your sudden thoughts.
Habitica logo


  • Habitica is an RPG-based gamification app for your self-review goals who lack motivation.
  • You’ve played Mobile Legends and Ragnarok? Treat  your self-review as a game!
  • Habitica takes reward systems to the next level by giving you skills and character improvements based on goals that you achieve.

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Google Calendar logo

Google Calendar

  • Google Calendar is a free app to use to plan and schedule your review sessions.
  • Treat your review sessions like classes and schedule them in themed days.
  • Use different colors for each subject area.
  • Use the repeat function and be accountable to pre-planned review sessions.
Spotify logo


Youtube logo


  • Stop thinking that Youtube is a bane for your successful self-review.
  • Use Youtube to help you understand concepts better.
  • Make Youtube your productive procrastination partner when you crave a different learning strategy.

What apps help you self-review for exams?

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