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5 Websites To Follow on Feedly

See the sources of my commute lit – short articles that occupy me while in transit.

I have been using the Feedly app for a number of years now, discovering it while searching for productivity tips.

It is a powerful read-later app especially when integrated with Pocket.

Besides the peer-reviewed journals I read as an academic, here are the sources of my commute lit – short articles that occupy me while in transit.

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Raul Pacheco Vega’s blog

As a fellow academic, I check on the writing and research routines of Prof. Vega for improvements I may apply on my own routines.

The step-by-step guide on making a research paper is an indispensable cheat sheet for beginning and advanced academic writers.

Citylab and Planetizen

A little bit of cheating here. Urban planning in the Philippines is an emerging issue because of the tragedy of traffic congestion.

These sites give me inspiration of how the local issues can be resolved. It is my dream to write for a blog managed by Filipinos.

There are pieces existing, with the PIEP facebook posts and articles of urban planners (EnP Jean and Prof. Juanico are top of mind).

However, I believe that a repository of city planning strategies fit for the Philippines must be accessible to the public, especially planners in the local government.

Asian Scientist

I like the Asian Scientist because it inspires me to continue scientific work.

Environmental issues are “evil:”  they are not simply solved by technical ways.

As an environmental scientist, I envision bridging the hard and “soft” sciences especially in environmental planning in the Philippines.

Thesis Whisperer

This is the holy grail of graduate student advice, especially in thesis writing. From the mechanics of writing to energy management in graduate school, Dr. Mewburn’s site is ample with wisdom.

I was also inspired to write my own tips because of the site.

Harvard Business Review

The world is a system. And the system is running, whether we like it or not, because of businesses and powers.

The Harvard Business Review (also available on Kindle) contains many articles about being the corporate employee, including this personal favorite on delivering a data-heavy presentation.

Building and maintaining professional relationships are important for young professionals like me. I only wished all articles were free!

What about you?

Reading is learning, and the commute in the Philippines provides much opportunity for learning!

What are you reading while in traffic?

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