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January and Solid Waste Management in the Philippines (2020 Update)

In celebration of National Zero Waste Month, I highlight blog posts related to waste management.

This post was updated on January 2020.

January is National Zero Waste Month!

January is Philippines Zero Waste Month!
January is Philippines #ZeroWasteMonth!

It’s the 19th anniversary of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, the landmark law passed on January 2001 towards adopting a “systematic, comprehensive and ecological solid waste management program“!

To contribute to social awareness, I highlight some reading materials on waste management. By reading these, I hope to encourage you towards prioritizing waste management in personal, community, and national development goals!

Start the year right with a #zerowaste goal and hope for the best!

Cities of the Philippines and Waste Management: Waste Generation of Philippine Cities

One of my popular posts!

This is the first in a series of online desk research articles about waste management in Philippine cities. The post highlights how cities rank in terms of waste generation. Reference data was obtained from the NSWMC in 2017.

Cities of the Philippines and Waste Management Series:

Synergy in the Malolos City Waste Management

My first journal publication!

The paper is a product of working with members of my thesis committee. Prof. Moya, Prof. Rollon, and I characterize the feedback mechanisms of various variables in urban waste management using system dynamics modelling.

It is in the March 2019 issue of the Philippine Journal of Science!

A Case for Public Participation towards Sustainable Waste Management in the ASEAN

This is a short essay originally intended to be submitted to the ASEAN Youth Citizen Journalism Contest 2017. I argue about the importance of public participation in ASEAN waste management using published literature.

This is a good starting point for waste management researchers like me who believe that technological solutions cannot solve the complex waste management issue.

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Being a geographer and environmental scientist, I propose 3 reasons how urban solid waste management is different from general solid waste management.

11 Stats about Solid Waste Management in the Philippines that Every Filipino should Know

Waste management in the Philippines is an often forgotten issue, especially by local government officials. With these 11 statistics, I hope you rethink your perspective about waste as an unsolvable problem. Measuring waste management statistics is the first step to improving waste management!

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