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Developing Pocket Green Parks: 3 Initial Steps to Start in Your Barangay

Barangays can start developing pocket green parks by following these 3 initial steps.

How can barangays start pocket green parks?

These 3 initial steps can help.

What are Pocket Green Parks?

Borrowing Allison Blake’s definition of pocket parks, I describe pocket green parks as

Pocket green parks are small scale urban open and green spaces in our neighborhoods. usually only a few house lots in size or smaller.

Resource Hub for Pocket Green Park Development

3 Steps for Barangays to Develop Pocket Green Parks

Barangays can start developing pocket green parks by following these 3 initial steps.

Step 1: Conduct greening on the buffers of existing government facilities, social gathering areas, and streets

  • Start with existing government structures and public schools.
  • One challenge of pocket park development cited by the Pocket Park Toolkit of The Trust for Public Land is community distrust: communities not being all in on pocket park development.
  • Setting examples in government structures can incentivize community involvement as well.
  • Also, places of worship can be enjoined to respect street easements to enable accessible green spaces on the sidewalk.

Step 2: Enjoin residents in using idle lands for pocket green parks

  • The COVID-19 pandemic showed how people love greenery in their homes.
  • The barangay government can persuade owners of idle lots to make these public green spaces by offering rental and concession fees.
  • Put green thumbs, Plantitos and Plantitas to force!

Here are my past projects in local government planning…

Step 3: Use funding wisely and coordinate for shared pocket green parks among barangays.

  • Shifting from basketball courts to urban gardens can be a start.
  • For barangays in heavily-densed cities like Manila, shared green parks among barangays can be implemented.
  • Opportunities for outdoor businesses in pocket green parks can be a funding strategy.

What do you think of the pocket green park strategy?

Developing Pocket Green Parks in the Philippines

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