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5 strategies to try when writer’s block strikes

These five activities are my choices whenever the acclaimed writer’s block dawns on me.

Whenever writer’s block dawns on me, I revisit these five activities.

These strategies are effective for me and I hope they will work for you too.

Make a list of recent wins and highlights.

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The benefits of making lists are all over productivity sites – and for good measure.

Lists promote logical and exhaustive thinking and free-up brain RAM.

What better list to make than a list of accomplishments! Celebrating wins provides a fresh perspective.

You are not defined by the now! You had better times than this!You did better then! You can do better again!

List down your finished outline, completed sentences, and furnished paragraphs to boost your confidence.

After a moment of reflection, you are sure to continue typing the next paragraphs to completion!

Squish doubt!

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“I should not have started.”

“This was a bad idea!”

These paralysis phrases are like roaches that spoil the family dinner. They come out surprisingly and become the remarkable part of the night.

You have the skills, experiences and talent to finish the task.

You started because you know you can do it!

Do something else – except social media.

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Resetting frees us from the shackles of this fast-paced life.

Stand, look far, and breathe. Breathe again. And again.

Step out the door and stretch your arms to the sky.

See the beauty of the flowers.

Hear the noise outside.

When you do something else, you tell yourself there is more to life.

This is just a task. A part of the job.

Just resist a social media rush.

It will suck you in and clutter your mind more!

When you feel the nudge to go on Twitter, get on the floor and plank.

A twenty-minute nap can also help. Set an alarm and close your eyes.

After, you will go back to your waiting masterpiece with a good mood!

Set a goal for a period of time.

The clock continues to tick as the pointer keeps on blinking. You squeeze your brain but nothing comes out.

 You squeeze your brain but nothing comes out.
You squeeze your brain but nothing comes out. via GIPHY.

Time to call your friend: the Pomodoro timer!

Know more about the Pomodoro technique!

Aim for short sprints of writing with a specific goal.

Two hundred words written?

Three sentences revised?

A chapter proofread?

Work only until the beep, then stand and smile!

A completed Pomodoro is a win!

Add this to your wins list and take a short break.

After a few Pomodoros, your article is finished with your sanity still intact.

Persist through it – then quit effectively.

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The brain is your best weapon.

It is more powerful than you can imagine.

It’s your hammer! Your lasso! Your sword!

“Just do it,” and it will be done.

Then, do the Hemingwayquit in the middle.

The best way is always to stop when you are going good and when you know what will happen next.

Ernest Hemingway

Tomorrow is another day.

Present You did the best possible.

Reward yourself with a family dinner or a friendly hang-out.

Watch an episode of that superhero series you like.

Read a book or sleep early.

Tomorrow You is responsible for the next tasks.

What do you do to combat writer’s block?