EnP Board Exam Review Plan Guide

How do you start your self review for the Environmental Planning Board Exam?

Get the Affordable Self Review Companion!

With links to important review materials, you will

  • Access priority review materials fast.
  • Track your progress easily.
  • Boost your confidence for the Environmental Planning Board Exam.

With the Review Companion, you can start NOW!

  • Plan your review sessions using a simple worksheet.
  • Jumpstart your self review with priority materials specifically recommended for each subject area.
  • Maximize your self review sessions using helpful tips and resources.

Avoid these mistakes in your self review sessions:

  • Focusing much time on piecemeal references.
  • Being disorganized in review sessions.
  • Inconsistency of review sessions because of confusion.

What do you get with the Review Companion?

  • A worksheet to help you organize your weekly review sessions and make yourself accountable
  • A list of selected topics to start your self review immediately, with links to websites and PDFs to save you from wasting your time in web searching
  • Suggested number of days to spend for each topic in order to manage your limited time and energy
  • BONUS tips for maximizing your review sessions!

All these for an affordable price!

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