Create your review plan NOW!

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Are you paralyzed by the volume of review materials for the Environmental Planning Board Exam?

Use my Review Plan Template to start your successful self review NOW!

With links to important review materials, you will

  • Know what to review first!
  • Prioritize materials for your review sessions
  • Track your self-review progress!

Start your journey to passing the Environmental Planning Board Exam now!

Avoid these mistakes in your self review sessions:

  • Focusing much time on piecemeal references.
  • Being disorganized in review sessions.
  • Inconsistency of review sessions because of confusion.


(1) A worksheet for planning your self review sessions based on subject areas of the Environmental Planning Board Exam

(2) Selected topics for each subject area to jumpstart your self review sessions with recommended starting points

(3) Tips on how to maximize your self review sessions, with links to helpful articles

Increase your ability to pass the Environmental Planning Board Exam! Organize your self review NOW!

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