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Routine Changes

And my goal is to make a daily routine that not only is productive, but also God-glorifying.

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Today is the start of another week. I have previously planned to be of good routine this week, waking up at an earlier time and sleeping in the same day as I awoke. But to no avail, I did not do it. I watched anime for four hours until 11:30 and then went online until almost 12. That may be why today, I woke up at 9am. To add some more bad news, I started with social media within the first hour of my waking moments.
This goes to show the ineffectiveness of scheduling myself without really internalizing the different time block of my schedule. I have previously read a lot of time management strategies and certain productivity articles. I would say I have come a long way from my college days, but having the home as my office has really made me the TV-watching, social-media addict, smartphone-FOMO-avoider I am at present. This list of 14 routine changes have always been elements of the previous articles I’ve read, but now, I would want these items to be a checklist for improvement.
Go to sleep by 11pm.
I am having a difficulty of doing this mainly because of my enthsuiasm for late night social media and established routine of watching Naruto Shippuden episodes.
Make time for breakfast.
This may be the easiest part of this checklist. I and my siblings were trained to not leave the house on an empty stomach, and that has been carried out until now. It is also a gift to have a caring mother who prepares food for us every day.
Do your most difficult tasks first. Don’t check your email. Don’t even connect to the internet if you don’t have to.
I have always strived to do this, yet I could not. Connectedness is second nature to me, and with the Wi-Fi at home always on, it is only natural for me to connect in my waking moments.
Work, take a break, and repeat.
The Pomodoro Technique is my go-to in terms of productive routine, especially now that I have a desktop tomato timer. There really is a difference in my work ethic when the timer is running and when I’m just doing things on my own time.
Get away from your desk at lunch. Schedule in some time for a walk outside.
First part: check! I don’t eat where I work, even at home. I make it a point to eat lunch or any other meal at the dinner table or on the couch while on break. Only coffee makes it to my work table. Second part: not so much. I don’t like spending my time walking when I don’t have a sure destination, so outside stroll in the middle of the day is not part of my routine.
The afternoon is for meetings and reactionary work.
Well, most days, all day is for reactionary work, namely posting on Facebook, replying to comments, and pushing messages to friends.
Create a to-do list at the end of the day.
When I started full-time writing on my thesis, I have also scrapped the daily journal part of my routine. I’m bringing it back little by little.
Go home!
I’m already home! For the last four months, I’ve been at home doing my thesis full-time.
Make time to exercise.
Another hard part of the checklist. I always only exercise in my mind.
Sit down and eat dinner with your family.
This is now an issue for our family because of our working and study schedules as well as other social commitments. But, we manage to do it at least twice a week, so good job family!
At a minimum, limit TV time to one hour.
At present, this point is reflected in my life as “at a minimum, TV time is one hour.” The Filipino habit of TV as a primary source of entertainment is inherent to me.
If you need to catch up on some work, do it without logging into social media.
I don’t generally catch up to work at night because of my imposed “work-life balance” rules.
Read a book, write in your journal, meditate, sip some decaf tea.
Like mentioned earlier, my book time often becomes the Naruto time. Though I’m glad that I’ve read a book for an hour at least twice in a week
Go to sleep.
ūüôā I don’t know why this is repeated twice in the checklist. Maybe it’s a reminder for me that sleeping dictates your start the next day.
Reading the Bible and setting prayer time¬†are the most important parts of my day¬†that I’m sensitive to keep. Aside these 14 routine changes, devotion time is a time block that I could not afford to give up. God’s guidance everyday is a necessary part of the life of everyone. Try to make time for it too!
Being in the mid-20s, I should be improving from my teen days that are behind me and entering full professional status towards maturity. And my goal is to make a daily routine that not only is productive, but also God-glorifying.
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